The ancient city of Qumran, where the Essene lived. 
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Here is where the Essene burried the Dead Sea Scrolls which were discovered during World War II.
Here are the baths just up from the Qumran community where I envisioned Jeshua sitting (like a jacuzzi of consciousness).
Here I am meditating above the bathing pools, above Qumran with the Dead Sea in the background.
Qumran excavated site. The Essene lived here two thousand years ago.
Here's one of the bathing pools that was within the Qumran compound.
Another great shot of where the Essene burried the Dead Sea Scrolls.
The Dead Sea, some 200 feet below sea level where Africa bumps into Asia. It's pretty but too salty for anything to live in it.
The walls to the old city of Jerusalem, Israel.
The Sea of Galilee. North of the Dead Sea and East of Nazareth.
The great wall of what is left of the great Temple to Yahweh, God, in Jerusalem.