Steven S. Sadleir is a Christian who spent over 20 years researching world religions for his best-selling book Looking for God. Then he spent another 5 years doing research on early Christianity for his upcoming book Christ Enlightened, and it is this information that we are sharing with you here. 
Steven is also a retired economist and investment banker, and meditation teacher. He leads seminars and retreats, an online radio program called Enlightenment Radio and has students in over 120 countries. Now thousands are enlightening through the revelation of Jesus Christ, so learn more about it.
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Steven is interviewed by producer Alan Swyer for the documentary film Spiritual Revolution
Christ Enlightened, The Lost Teachings of Jesus Unveiled is now available on Best-selling author Steven S. Sadleir's new book Christ Enlightened, The Lost Teachings of Jesus Unveiled is a compendium of the new facts of Christian history, including the essenes of Qumran, the Aramaic history of Christianity, Jewish Christian theology and explains Gnosticism and Kabbalah: history is being rewritten and the best scholars reveal Christ was teaching the way to enlightenment and God realization, includes extensive list of resources.