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  1     The Fulfillment of Prophecy
The Age of Aquarius, The Age of Enlightenment, Pentecostal Kriyas, Nirvana, The Fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy
and The Current Reformation.

  2      Abraham and the Ancient World
The Sumerians, The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Harappan Culture, Egyptian Civilization, Zoroastrianism, Ur, The
Migration of Abraham, The Canaanite God El, Abraham's Journey, Patriarchs & Prophets, and Moses.
  3      Judaism and the Messiah
The Essenes, The Dead Sea Scrolls, Jewish Apocrypha & Pseudepigrapha, The Merkabah, The Axial Age,
The Kabbalah, Our Fall from Grace & The Messiah.

  4      Jeshua ben Joseph the Christ
The Aramaic Gospels, Jewish Christians, Jesus Teaches "The Way," The Gospel of The Ebionites, The Gospel
of The Nazareans, The Gospel of The Hebrews, The Gospel of The Egyptians, Dialog with The Savior, and
The Thunder Perfect Mind.

5      The Apostles’ Cannon
The Twelve Apostles, New Testament Apostles, The Apostle Thomas, The Gospel of Thomas, The Book of
Thomas The Contender, The Saint Thomas Christians from India, The Apostle James, The Gospel of James,
The Apostle Philip and The Gospel of Philip, Mary Magdalene, The Gospel of Mary Magdalene & The
Magdalene Papyrus.

  6     Gnosticism
The Apostle Peter, The Apocalypse of Peter, Gnostic Proliferation, Sethian Gnosticism, The Secret Book of John,
The Gospel of Judas Iscariot, The Infancy Gospels, Valentnianism and The Gospel of Truth.

7    Saint Paul’s Christianity
Paul's Greco-Roman World, The New Testament, The Apostolic Fathers, Sin, Hell & Redemption, The Church
Fathers, Emperor Constantine, and The Council of Nicaea.

Anyone who loves Jesus should take this course to learn what we believe Jesus said to his Jewish disciples. Everyone not Christian will learn to love what Jesus teaches us about entering the Kingdom of Heaven. What we've discoved is what we really already know: God is love and the Kingdom of God is within us, and how Jesus explains it is so beautiful.

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The Lost Teachings of Jesus course provides you both a concise overview of the actual history of God, Jesus and Christianity, as well as providing you a personal journey to God Realization through the teachings of Jesus Christ.:
Bless You.