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Your Enlightened Mind, 4 CD Set

Create the mind you want.

The Enlightened Mind Series is a state of the art transformational CD program that will enable
you to create the ways of thinking, feeling and experiencing the life you want. Steven S. Sadleir
is a Master meditation instructor and director of the Self Awareness Institute who will guide you
effortlessly and enjoyably into higher states of consciousness. He will walk you through mental
processes that will free your mind from limiting beliefs and fear and into states of greater clarity,
insight, happiness and peace. Each time you listen to these CD’s your mind becomes a stronger
partner for you in creating success.

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GOD:  A Course in World Religions & Spiritual Paths - 14 Set CD

From Alcoholics Anonymous to Zoroastrianism, every major religious denomination,
arcane or new age teaching, and the leading Gurus from around the world, Steven S.
Sadleir, author of the best-selling book Looking for God, shares with us his personal
experiences with each of these fascinating paths.

Section 1: Hinduism & Eastern Teachings      Section 6: Christianity
Section 2: Gurus       Section 7: Islam
Section 3: Buddhism        Section 8: Ancient Wisdom
Section 4: Taoism                    Section 9: New Age Teachings
Section 5: Judaism                  Section 10: Shaktipat Meditation

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Looking for God: A Seeker's Guide to Religious and
Spiritual Groups of the World

An Amazon.com best-seller. Steven S. Sadleir spent over 20 years traveling the globe, meeting with the world's leading spiritual masters and teachers, and studying every major spiritual path in existence to provide you a compendium of spiritual teachings and teachers. Over 250 groups including eastern and western religious denominations, arcane teachings, mystery schools, shamanistic and native traditions, new age and metaphysical groups, and most of the Baba and Bhagawans, Swami's and Saints, Avatars and Guru's that may have heard about. A thumbnail sketch of each one with references to learn more about them. In several languages, retail chains and available at Amazon.com. Recommended by Dr. David Hawkins!

$19.95 Paperback
The Awakening: An Evolutionary Leap in Human Consciousness

After sitting in deep meditation in Bangalore, India, for 23 hours a day for 40 consecutive days and nights Steven S. Sadleir is given a revelation about the awakening of consciousness that is currently occurring on the planet right now and reveals these insights in this easy to read book. You have been called...to awaken from the dream and remember who you are and why you were born so that you can fulfill the purpose of your existence. Welcome home.

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Self-Realization: An Owner User Manual for Human Beings

This book provides you access to the part of you that already knows who you are and why you were born. It not only provides the scientific explanation for Self-Realization and the means to attain it, but actually guides you through the process as you are reading. It's interactive and transmits Shaktipat, you will feel an energetic shift occur while reading it. Each time you read it you will develop the connection with your Self. Your mind will Realize your Self.

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The Calling: A Journey Within Your Own Being

The Calling is an advanced guided meditation in the form of a book. As the reader is reading they will be guided into ever deeper states and will be able to witness shifts in their consciousness AS they are reading. Designed for the advanced student who is already connected and is looking to both deeper their connection with the Source within and to abide in the true nature of their eternal being.

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Naked Soul

Over the last ten years I have been writing love poems to God and have compiled them into a book that has just come out I call Naked Soul. Here I really bear my soul and share with you states of utter awe and bliss. Some are rather erotic. Come join me in bliss as you read.

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Christ Enlightened, The Lost Teachings of Jesus Unveiled

History is being re-written. Over the past few decades more has been learned about first century Christianity than ever before; the world's leading scholars are re-telling the story of Jesus based on the actual historical record rather than tradition. Gives a complete overview of this radical new understanding of Christ's word, and explains the relevance of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Essenes, Ebionites, Apocrypha, psudepigprapha, Merkabah, Kabbalah, Nag Hammadi Library and Gnostic texts, the Aramaic Bible or Peshetta, Apostollic fathers, early Church fathers and the Apologists. He draws heavily on the gospels of Thomas, James, Philip, and Mary Magdalene to explain the means by which Christ led his disciples on the way to enlightenment.

$12.95 paperback

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New Course for 2010!

Christ Enlightened: The Lost Teachings of Jesus Unveiled

For hundreds of years we have only known part of the gospels of Jesus Christ; there is so much more good news we gain from the original Aramaic speaking Jewish Christians from Isreal and Egypt.  A Second Coming of Christ's Word is retelling the history of Jesus Christ and Christianity and you should be the first to know.  Based on his ground breaking book;   Christ Enlightened, the Lost Teachings of Jesus Unveiled

Price: $35.00